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Eugowra Branch


Track: 80.16 km
Stations: 0 / 11 in use

The Eugowra branch lies in the central-west. It branches off the Blayney-Demondrille line at Cowra, and heads west to the town of Eugowra.

This branch was built to open up the rich lands between Cowra and Forbes. Originally built as far as Canowindra, there were various plans to link up with the Main West or the Stockinbingal - Forbes line; in the end it was extended as far as Eugowra. The line was built to "pioneer" standards, which meant earth ballasting and no fences.

The main traffic on the line was grain - passenger levels were always poor due to the relative shortness of the branch. Although boasting a CPH service from 1927, in the years leading up the the cessation of passenger services in 1974 people were carried in the brake van of the regular freight.

The line was truncated at Trajere in 1991 due to a washaway near Eugowra, but was completely closed by the end of the year. In 1994, the line was re-opened by the Lachlan Valley Railway as a tourist railway. In recent years the bridge over Cucumber Creek, near Canowindra, has been removed to facilitate water flow in times of flood. Some local groups are fighting to get this line re-opened.

Currently, services are suspended on the branch, with a stop block placed on the line at 369.85km, just beyond the location of Cowra West. There are many trees in the tracks along the line, and there have been moves to remove the infrastructure within the town of Cowra. It is unlikely that this line will ever re-open.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Cowra Station Re-used 1-Nov-1886 365.540 28
icon Cowra West Station Closed 21-Sep-1910 unknown 368.230 1
icon Glenlogan Station Closed 21-Sep-1910 14-Oct-1970 375.770 8
icon Billimari Station Closed 21-Sep-1910 24-Jun-1978 387.090 3
icon Bangaroo Station Closed 21-Sep-1910 4-May-1974 393.780 3
icon Canowindra Station Closed 21-Sep-1910 10-Aug-1974 403.200 17
icon Nyrang Creek Station Closed 11-Dec-1922 4-Aug-1971 414.940 4
icon Geradan Halt Closed 28-Mar-1927 27-Jul-1968 422.915 3
icon Gooloogong Station Closed 26-Feb-1924 24-Jun-1978 426.750 7
icon Nanami Unknown Closed Jun-1933 8-May-1971 433.160 5
icon Trajere Station Closed 11-Dec-1922 25-Jul-1970 438.700 3
icon Eugowra Station Closed 11-Dec-1922 unknown 445.700 17


Track: 80.16 km
Stations: 0 / 11 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Cowra - Canowindra 19-Oct-1910   21-Oct-1991   general
Cowra - Canowindra 7-Jun-1994  1 unknown  2 general
Canowindra - Trajere 11-Dec-1922   21-Oct-1991   general
Canowindra - Trajere 15-Aug-1994  1 unknown  3 general
Trajere - Eugowra 11-Dec-1922   17-Jan-1991  45 general
1 Re-opened by the Lachlan Valley Railway
2 Last train ran 1996
3 Last train ran 1994
4 Last train ran Aug-1990
5 Date of closure due to flood damage