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Parkes - Narromine Line


Track: 49.25 km
Stations: 0 / 11 in use

The Parkes-Narromine line forms a cross-country link between the Main Western and the Broken Hill lines.

Currently it provides a redundant route between the state's north and north-east with the west and south.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Goobang Junction Junction In Use unknown - 448.300 5
icon Nanardine Station Closed 30-Sep-1914 5-Jun-1976 457.900 3
icon Goonumbla Station Closed 30-Sep-1914 26-Apr-1976 465.600 2
icon Alectown West Station Closed 30-Sep-1914 23-Nov-1974 473.600 2
icon Mickibri Station Closed 30-Sep-1914 23-Nov-1974 482.362 3
icon Trewilga Station Closed 30-Sep-1914 23-Nov-1974 490.916 3
icon Peak Hill Station Closed 12-Dec-1910 unknown 498.400 4
icon Myaroo Loop Closed 2-Jun-1941 5-Jun-1976 513.860
icon Tomingley West Station Closed 12-Dec-1910 26-Apr-1976 516.100 3
icon Wyanga Station Closed 12-Dec-1910 23-Nov-1974 528.990 3
icon Fairview Station Closed 12-Dec-1923 23-Nov-1974 539.200 2
icon Narwonah Station Closed 12-Dec-1910 23-Nov-1974 547.050 3
icon Narromine Station Closed 1-May-1883 unknown 497.554 13


Track: 49.25 km
Stations: 0 / 11 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Goobang Junction - Peak Hill 30-Sep-1914     general
Peak Hill - Narromine 12-Dec-1910     general