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Locations: 2254
Photos: 7466
Last change: 29-May-2011
Added some photos from David Legge (Bell), David Sweeney (signal box diagrams from all over NSW), Graeme Broderick (Maclaughlin), Grant Barnett (Wagga Wagga), Wayne Edwards (Millfield Greta Colliery, Wangi Power Station, West Wallsend Colliery, Seaham Colliery).
These pages contain a variety of information about the NSW railway network, both historical and current. The data can be broken down into four categories: non-spatial (plain data), spatial (map data), photographic and hypertext (links to related data sources). The intention of these pages to make as much information as possible available on the net. Although you will find pictures of trains within these pages, I have chosen to concentrate on recording the infrastructure of the state, especially on the abandoned branch lines.

You will probably have noticed that this site has not been updated for a while... Don't worry, it is not going to disappear, but I probably won't be in a position to make any changes for a while.

For more details, see here.

Much as I would like to, I probably won't be able to visit every location in the state, taking notes and photographs! If you want to contribute information or photos, then please contact me at

Much of the information and photos in these pages has been generously provided by a lot of people. Their work has contributed immeasureably to the success of these pages.

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