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Photographic Submissions

Photographic submissions are most welcome! I have limited time to process submissions, so if you can follow these guidelines it would make my job a lot easier...


I can handle pretty much any image size or format, however I generally publish the images no greater than 700 pixels across (landscape) or 700 pixels high (portrait), in JPEG format. If you can submit photos in that size, it makes my job easier. Signal diagrams or other which contain text are often displayed at higher sizes. Definitely don't send photos much smaller than the sizes above, or I won't be able to use them.


I don't crop photos I receive, except to remove borders. It's much easier if I don't have to do this.


Please indicate the date the photo was taken, even if you only know the month or year.


If you can supply a description of the content, then I can just cut and paste it into the web page. If nothing else, please at least tell me the direction the photo was taken, so I don't have to dig out a diagram to figure it out for myself!


Before sending them in, please check that I don't have the same shot already (it happens!). Of course, if your photo is much better in quality, then feel free to send it.


The broad theme behind these pages is to record the infrastructure of the NSW network before it changes or is lost. Obviously then, historic photos or ones which give a good overview of the location are especially important. Pictures of locomotives or trains are generally not as useful unless the context is relevant.

In Summary...

The more of the above things you can do, the easier it is for me to process the photos.