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Closed Sydney Railway Stations

The following stations in the Sydney suburban network are closed or have been completely removed:
Line Station Type Closed
Main South Line Rookwood Station 1967
Clyburn Platform unknown
Main Western Line Parramatta Park Unknown 1914
Log Cabin Platform Sep-1950
Abattoirs Branch Saleyards Platform unknown
Pippita Station 20-Oct-1995
Metropolitan Meat Platforms Platform unknown
Abattoirs Platform 9-Nov-1984
Brickworks Platform unknown
Camden Branch Maryfields Platform 1-Jan-1963
Kenny Hill Platform 1-Jan-1963
Currans Hill Platform 1-Jan-1963
Narellan Station 1-Jan-1963
Grahams Hill Station 1-Jan-1963
Kirkham Station 1-Jan-1963
Elderslie Station 1-Jan-1963
Camden Station 1-Jan-1963
Campsie - Flemington Goods Line Enfield South Platform unknown
Enfield Loco Platform unknown
Hope Street Platform unknown
Delec Platform unknown
Carlingford Line Rosehill Racecourse Unknown unknown
Chullora - Sefton Goods Line Boshops B Platform unknown
Boshops A Platform 9-Aug-1993
Boshops C Platform unknown
Welders Platform 9-Aug-1993
Elcar Platform 11-Mar-1994
Perway Platform unknown
Sigway Platform 9-Nov-1990
Eastern Suburbs Line Woollahra Station Never opened
Charing Cross Station Never opened
Frenchmans Road Station Never opened
Randwick Station Never opened
University Station Never opened
Kingsford Station Never opened
Epping - Chatswood Line UTS Lindfield Station Never opened
Holsworthy Line Anzac Rifle Range Platform 8-Apr-1974
Metro Northwest Cherrybrook Station Never opened
Castle Hill Station Never opened
Showground Station Never opened
Norwest Station Never opened
Bella Vista Station Never opened
Kellyville Station Never opened
Rouse Hill Station Never opened
Cudgegong Road Station Never opened
North Shore Line Milsons Point (2nd) Station 19-Mar-1932
Milsons Point (1st) Station 24-Jul-1924
Potts Hill Branch No 2 Reservoir Unknown unknown
Potts Hill Pumping Station Unknown unknown
Prospect Quarry Branch Prospect Halt unknown
Richmond Line Mulgrave Tank Platform 1891
Phillip Platform 26-Jul-1952
North Richmond Station 26-Jul-1952
Red Cutting Halt 26-Jul-1952
Kemsleys Platform 26-Jul-1952
Thompsons Ridge Platform 26-Jul-1952
Nurri Halt 26-Jul-1952
Duffys Halt 26-Jul-1952
Kurrajong Station 26-Jul-1952
Rogans Hill Branch Mons Road Platform 1-Feb-1932
Northmead Platform 1-Feb-1923
Moxham Road Platform 1-Feb-1932
Model Farms Road Platform 1-Feb-1932
Junction Road Platform 1-Feb-1932
Baulkham Hills Platform 1-Feb-1932
Cross Street Platform 1-Feb-1932
Southleigh Platform 1-Feb-1932
Parsonage Lane Platform 1-Feb-1932
Castle Hill (1st) Platform 1-Feb-1932
Rogans Hill Platform 1-Feb-1932
Rookwood Cemetery Line No 1 Mortuary Station Station 29-Dec-1948
No 2 Mortuary Station Station 29-Dec-1948
No 3 Mortuary Station Station 29-Dec-1948
No 4 Mortuary Station Station 29-Dec-1948
Ropes Creek Line Dunheved Station 22-Mar-1986
Cochrane Station 22-Mar-1986
Ropes Creek Station 22-Mar-1986
Rozelle - Darling Harbour Goods Line Regent Street Station unknown
Sandown Line Hardies Platform unknown
Goodyear Platform unknown
Cream of Tartar Works Platform Jul-1959
Sandown Platform unknown
South Coast Line Lilyvale Station 25-Dec-1983
Helensburgh (1st) Station 30-May-1915
Lilyvale (1st) Station 30-May-1915
The Royal National Park Branch Scouts Camp Platform Platform 9-Sep-1991
The Royal National Park Station 9-Sep-1991
Warwick Farm Racecourse Branch Warwick Farm Racecourse Platform 18-Aug-1990
Woronora Cemetery Line Woronora Cemetery Platform 23-May-1947