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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains a number of questions that I get asked on a regular basis. Given that I'm not always the fastest to respond to email, you should probably read these first!

How do I submit photos?

In the near future I hope to deploy a method for people to upload photographs directly, but in the meantime, see here.

Can you provide information about rail travel in NSW?

Unfortunately not. For rail travel within NSW, probably the best place to look is the following:

I'm looking for some information about NSW Railway history. Can you help?

Maybe... I do have a fair amount of historic resources about the NSW railways, but there are some other places you could look:

I'm looking for information about a relative who work in the railways. Can you help?

I really can't help. See the previous question for some places to look.

Can I use some of the photos on your website?

Yes, but... they are copyright to their respective owners. For photos that I own, just drop me an email and ask. For photos owned by other people, I can put you in contact with the copyright owner.

... but it's only for private purposes

Of course I can't stop you from saving the photos on your computer. But if you are going to publish them in some form (even if if it just within a closed circle of people), you need to clear it with the copyright owner. It's only fair on the people who own the photos, right?

Can I have access to your data?

Sure! Drop me an email and we can work out the best way to get the data to you in a form that you can use.