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NSW Railway Altitude Highs and Lows

This page details some of the highest and lowest points on the NSW network.

Highest Points

Line Height Location
Skitube 1900 m Blue Cow
Main North Line 1377 m Between Llangothlin and Ben Lomond
Main North Line 1363 m Ben Lomond
Oberon Branch 1104 m Oberon
Main North Line 1102 m Between Walcha Road and Wollun
Main Western Line 1092 m Between Bell and Newnes Junction
Main North Line 1084 m Wollun
Bombala Line 1068 m Nimmitabel
Main West Line 1068 m Newnes Junction
Main West Line 1067 m Bell

Lowest Points

Line Height Location
Eastern Suburbs Line -12.8 m Under Hay Street, City
Airport Line approx -12 m
Airport Line approx -5 m Wolli Creek
Main South Line 0.9 m Central Station platforms 24 and 25
Newcastle Branch 1 m Newcastle
City Circle Line 4 m Wynyard