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NSW Railway 30 Shortest Lived Sections

The following table lists the shortest-lived sections of line in NSW. Note that it doesn't include some major deviations.
Line Section Opened Closed Lifetime length
Canberra Branch Jct (Canberra) to Canberra (Civic) 15-Aug-1921 27-Jul-1922 0y 11m ? km
Stanford Merthyr Branch Stanford Merthyr to Pelaw Main Jan-1902 1905 3y 0m ? km
Mount Hope Branch Matakana to Mount Hope 10-Feb-1919 6-Jul-1924 5y 5m 16.9 km
Waratah Colliery Branch Scholey Street Junction to Waratah Colliery 1863 1870s 7y 0m ? km
Rogans Hill Branch Castle Hill (1st) to Rogans Hill 24-Nov-1924 31-Jan-1932 7y 2m 1.3 km
Tottenham Branch Albert to Iron Duke Mine 31-Oct-1918 18-Jun-1926 7y 8m 4.5 km
Tottenham Branch Caroline Junction to Caroline Mine 18-Sep-1918 18-Jun-1926 7y 9m ? km
Box Vale Colliery Branch Jct (Box Vale Colliery Line) to Box Vale Colliery 1888 1896 8y 0m ? km
Aberdare South Railway Aberdare South Junction to Aberdare South Colliery 30-Aug-1918 1927 8y 5m ? km
Rogans Hill Branch Westmead Junction to Castle Hill (1st) 28-Jan-1923 31-Jan-1932 9y 0m ? km
Main Western Line Newnes Junction (1st) to Clarence (1st) 11-Apr-1897 16-Oct-1910 13y 6m ? km
Cobar Branch Cobar to CSA Mine 7-Jan-1918 10-Sep-1931 13y 8m 11.9 km
Ballina Branch Booyong Junction to Ballina 25-Aug-1930 11-Jun-1948 17y 10m 20.6 km
Widemere Quarry Line Fairfield to Widemere Quarry 26-Oct-1925 2-Jun-1945 19y 8m ? km
Goondah - Burrinjuck Line Goondah (1st) to Terminus 2-Jun-1908 1-May-1929 20y 11m ? km
Main North Line Jct (Start Boronia No 5 deviation) to Jct (End Boronia No 5 deviation) 7-Apr-1887 27-Jun-1909 22y 2m ? km
Tottenham Branch Tottenham to Mount Royal Smelters 18-Sep-1918 22-Jan-1941 22y 4m 0.6 km
Main South Line Jct (Start Morrisons Hill deviation) to Jindalee 1-Nov-1877 5-Aug-1900 22y 9m ? km
Newnes Line Newnes Junction (1st) to Newnes Oil Works 27-Dec-1907 1-Jan-1932 24y 1m ? km
Mittagong - Joadja Line Mittagong Terminus to Joadja DE 1-Jan-1880 9-Apr-1904 24y 3m ? km
South Coast Line South Waterfall Temporary Junction to Helensburgh Temporary Junction 3-Oct-1888 26-Jan-1914 25y 3m ? km
Richmond Line Nepean Sand and Gravel to Kurrajong 8-Nov-1926 26-Jul-1952 25y 8m ? km
Westby Branch Mangoplah to Westby 5-Aug-1925 24-Jan-1952 26y 5m 23.9 km
Cadia Mine Branch Spring Hill to Cadia Mine 17-Feb-1919 Jun-1928 26y 6m ? km
South Coast Line Helensburgh Temporary Junction to Otford 3-Oct-1888 30-May-1915 26y 7m ? km
Richmond Line Richmond to Nepean Sand and Gravel 18-Apr-1925 26-Jul-1952 27y 3m ? km
Main Western Line Jct (Dargans Deviation) to Clarence (1st) 18-Oct-1869 11-Apr-1897 27y 6m ? km
Richmond Vale Railway Minmi Open Cut to Minmi Platform Jun-1905 1934 28y 7m 0.9 km
Captains Flat Branch Bungendore Junction to Captains Flat 17-Jun-1940 31-Aug-1968 29y 2m 33.4 km
Bullock Island Branch Albert Street to Bullock Island 2-Apr-1878 12-Feb-1908 29y 10m ? km