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Abattoirs Branch


Track: unknown
Stations: 0 / 5 in use

The Abattoirs Line serviced the industrial area which was located where the Olympic Park now resides. The branch services the State Brickworks, State Abattoirs and Homebush Saleyards. By the time construction for the Olympics began, must of the area had already been closed down.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Flemington Goods Junction Junction In Use unknown - 9
icon Pippita Station Closed 4-Oct-1940 20-Oct-1995 15.590 4
icon Metropolitan Meat Platforms Platform Closed 11-Jan-1915 unknown 16.780
icon icon Jct (Saleyards) Junction Closed unknown unknown
icon icon Saleyards Platform Closed unknown unknown 17.740
icon icon Thorpes Siding Closed unknown unknown
icon icon Jct (Saleyards Loop) Junction Closed unknown unknown
icon Abattoirs Platform Closed 17-Dec-1926 9-Nov-1984 19.420 1
icon Brickworks Platform Closed Dec-1939 unknown 18.189 3


Track: unknown
Stations: 0 / 5 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Flemington Goods Junction - Pippita 31-Jul-1911   26-Aug-1996   general
Flemington Goods Junction - Pippita 8-Mar-1998     general
Pippita - Brickworks 31-Jul-1911   9-Nov-1984  12 general

Saleyards loop

Jct (Saleyards) - Thorpes 14-Oct-1941   22-Jun-1991  32 general
Thorpes - Jct (Saleyards Loop) 31-Jul-1911   22-Jun-1991  32 general
1 Also the date of the last train
2 Track has been lifted
3 Date section was decomissioned