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Barraba Branch


Track: 98.82 km
Stations: 1 / 14 in use

The Barraba branch lies in the north of the state. It originally extended north from Tamworth along the broad Manilla valley to the town of Barraba. There are no steep gradients, although the line features an impressive viaduct over the Namoi River in Manilla and a wooden bridge over Tarpoly Creek which is nearly 100 years old.

These days it is no longer in use, except for a 6km section extending to the locality of Westdale. Many of the locations on the line have disappeared completely although the remains of some platforms still remain.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon West Tamworth Station In Use 14-Oct-1878 - 452.700 14
icon West Tamworth Showground Station Closed 1919 22-Mar-1975 453.723
icon Westdale Station Closed 23-Nov-1915 8-Apr-1957 458.900 2
icon Gidley Station Closed Sep-1902 20-Feb-1975 465.721 1
icon Appleby Station Closed 27-Apr-1901 20-Feb-1975 470.970 1
icon Attunga Station Closed 15-Sep-1899 14-Nov-1985 475.616 2
icon Kaytoun Unknown Closed 1-Jan-1925 20-Feb-1975 481.797
icon Sulcor Unknown Closed 7-Oct-1924 27-Sep-1975 484.715 5
icon Klori Platform Closed 1907 20-Feb-1974 489.653 2
icon Moonaran Platform Closed 15-Sep-1899 unknown 494.934 2
icon Manilla Station Closed 15-Sep-1899 unknown 500.058 7
icon Rowan Street Platform Closed Mar-1923 Dec-1947 500.727 1
icon Brabri Siding Closed 21-Sep-1908 24-Nov-1964 507.900
icon Wimborne Station Closed 21-Sep-1908 24-Nov-1964 514.240
icon Upper Manilla Station Closed 21-Sep-1908 unknown 518.658 1
icon Tarpoly Siding Closed 21-Sep-1908 6-Sep-1963 524.520
icon Ennisdale Unknown Closed 22-Jul-1946 1965 530.260
icon Black Springs Station Closed 21-Sep-1908 6-Sep-1963 543.770
icon Barraba Station Closed 21-Sep-1908 unknown 551.518 2


Track: 98.82 km
Stations: 1 / 14 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
West Tamworth - Westdale 15-Sep-1899     general
Westdale - Manilla 5-Sep-1899   25-Nov-1987  1 general
Manilla - Barraba 21-Sep-1908   25-Nov-1987  2 general
1 Last train ran 30-Jun-1987
2 Last train ran 21-Sep-1983