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Belmont Branch


Track: > 16.29 km
Stations: 1 / 8 in use

This was private railway line owned by the New Redhead Estate and Colliery Company. Although it was constructed mainly to serve numerous collieries in the area, it also conveyed passenger traffic, with sizeable facilities at Redhead and Belmont, as well as several other minor platforms. It was single-track for its entire length, and featured a 180m tunnel under the Pacific Highway at Adamstown Heights.

The last passenger train to Belmont ran on 8/4/1971.

Today, the track has been retained From Adamstown to Whitebridge and is used by walkers, horse- and bike-riders. From Whitebridge the track has been lifted and the formation is still obvious to past Jewells. Beyond this point the track is overgrown with dense vegetation.


Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Adamstown Station In Use 15-Aug-1887 - 161.120 16
icon Redhead Tunnel Tunnel Closed 1-Sep-1892 19-Dec-1991 12
icon Fernleigh Loop Loop Closed 15-Aug-1904 unknown 163.930
icon Kahibah Station Closed 1907 unknown 164.890 4
icon icon Dudley Junction Junction Closed 1-Sep-1892 19-Dec-1991 165.700
icon icon Dudley Colliery Colliery Closed unknown unknown 166.200
icon Burwood No 3 Platform Platform Closed unknown unknown 166.200
icon Whitebridge Platform Closed 24-Apr-1917 unknown 166.880 5
icon icon Redhead Station Closed 23-Dec-1916 unknown 170.380 6
icon icon Lambton Colliery Colliery Re-used unknown 170.670 1
icon Burwood Extended Colliery Colliery Closed unknown unknown
icon Burwood Extended Colliery DE Dead End Closed unknown unknown
icon Jewells Platform Closed 2-Jan-1917 18-Apr-1940 173.240 5
icon icon Jct (Jewells) Junction Closed unknown unknown
icon icon John Darling Colliery Colliery Closed unknown unknown 174.570
icon John Darling Platform Platform Closed 15-Oct-1934 unknown 174.570
icon Belmont Station Closed 2-Jan-1917 9-Apr-1971 176.620 7


Track: > 16.29 km
Stations: 1 / 8 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Adamstown - Burwood Extended Colliery DE 1-Sep-1892   19-Dec-1991   general
Burwood Extended Colliery DE - Belmont 23-Dec-1916   19-Dec-1991   general

Dudley Colliery branch

Dudley Junction - Dudley Colliery 1-Sep-1892   19-Dec-1991   general

Lambton Colliery branch

Redhead - Lambton Colliery unknown   unknown   general

John Darling Colliery branch

Jct (Jewells) - John Darling Colliery unknown   unknown   general