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Binnaway - Werris Creek Line


Track: unknown
Stations: 0 / 10 in use

This line lies in the northern part of the state, and forms part of the cross-country line from Werris Creek to Dubbo. It was constructed comparatively recently (1923). It was constructed to provide a redundant route between the western and northern lines, and to aid in the transport of cattle and troops in the event of war.

It is currently in use, although the section between Gap and Werris Creek was replaced by a different route to the north.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Jct (Binnaway) Junction In Use 29-Oct-1923 - 459.100
icon Ulinda Station Closed 5-Nov-1923 20-Jul-1975 472.200
icon Weetaliba Station Closed 5-Nov-1923 4-Sep-1986 483.600
icon Neible Station Closed 6-Sep-1941 20-Feb-1975 488.818
icon Oakey Creek Station Closed 5-Nov-1923 20-Feb-1975 495.295
icon Connemarra Unknown Closed Jan-1939 20-Feb-1975 503.400 2
icon Bomera Station Closed 5-Nov-1923 23-Jul-1975 508.660 3
icon Remep Station Closed Feb-1934 Jun-1964 520.220
icon Premer Station Closed 5-Nov-1923 unknown 528.259 13
icon Yannergee Unknown Closed 5-Nov-1923 unknown 541.460 4
icon Tamarang Station Closed 5-Nov-1923 unknown 548.800 1
icon Colly Blue Unknown Closed Nov-1948 20-Feb-1975 553.000 1
icon Spring Ridge Station Closed 5-Nov-1923 unknown 564.700 7
icon Caroona Platform Closed 5-Nov-1923 22-Mar-1975 581.950 2
icon Nardu Unknown Closed Aug-1932 10-Mar-1972 587.611
icon Bakana Loop Closed 29-Jun-1941 15-Jan-1977 594.500 1
icon Turilawa Unknown Closed 1-Jun-1925 20-Feb-1975 595.798
icon Jct (Gap) Junction In Use unknown - 1
icon Jct (Werris Creek South) Junction In Use unknown - 1


Track: unknown
Stations: 0 / 10 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Jct (Binnaway) - Jct (Gap) 29-Oct-1923     general
Jct (Gap) - Jct (Werris Creek South) 29-Oct-1923   30-Jan-1987   general