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Boggabilla Branch


Track: 119.64 km
Stations: 0 / 10 in use

The Boggabilla branch runs from Camurra (near Moree) up to the town of Boggabilla on the Queensland border. Opened lately, in 1932, it is currently truncated at North Star.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Camurra Station Closed 29-Sep-1913 unknown 676.904 2
icon Wongabinda Station Closed 20-Jun-1932 20-Feb-1975 693.708
icon Calimpa Siding Closed 24-Aug-1935 20-Feb-1975 701.100
icon Milguy Station Closed 20-Jun-1932 unknown 706.800
icon Crooble Station Closed 20-Jun-1932 31-May-1979 717.900 5
icon Croppa Creek Station Closed 20-Jun-1932 27-Mar-1976 733.600
icon Tikitere Unknown Closed Jun-1934 20-Feb-1975 745.119
icon Windridge Unknown Closed May-1934 20-Feb-1975 752.718
icon North Star Station Closed 20-Jun-1932 unknown 758.570 6
icon Bibilah Platform Closed 20-Jun-1932 20-Feb-1975 765.900
icon Mungle Platform Closed 20-Jun-1932 11-May-1974 768.600
icon Wearne Platform Closed 20-Jun-1932 unknown 779.648 1
icon Doyles Siding Siding Closed 3-May-1935 12-Oct-1974 785.341
icon Boggabilla Station Closed 20-Jun-1932 unknown 796.546 12


Track: 119.64 km
Stations: 0 / 10 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Camurra - North Star 20-Jun-1932     general
North Star - Boggabilla 20-Jun-1932   2-Dec-1987  1 general
1 Last train ran 23-Nov-1987