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Brewarrina Branch


Track: unknown
Stations: 0 / 5 in use

The Brewarrina branch lies in the arid, flat country in the north-west of the state. It branches off the (old) Main Western Line at the township of Byrock. Both lines are currently closed, with little prospect of their re-opening.

Services ceased on this branch in January 1974 when it was damaged by flooding.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Jct (Byrock) Junction Closed 2-Sep-1901 unknown 3
icon Wyuna Downs Station Closed unknown unknown 3
icon Wave Hill Platform Closed Sep-1958 23-Nov-1974 771.667 2
icon Compton Downs Station Closed 2-Sep-1901 23-Nov-1974 781.052 19
icon Tarcoon Siding Closed 2-Sep-1901 23-Nov-1974 803.311 5
icon Bogan River Tank Tank Closed 2-Sep-1901 23-Oct-1971 805.277 4
icon Charlton Siding Closed 2-Sep-1901 23-Nov-1975 806.336 5
icon Tarrion Station Closed 2-Sep-1901 23-Nov-1974 830.296 1
icon Brewarrina Station Closed 2-Sep-1901 unknown 841.130 11


Track: unknown
Stations: 0 / 5 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Jct (Byrock) - Brewarrina 2-Sep-1901   18-Jan-1974  12 general
1 Last train ran 12-Jan-1974
2 Date line closed due to flood damage