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Broken Hill Line


Track: > 159.55 km
Stations: 8 / 40 in use

The Broken Hill line extend from Orange in the central west all the way west to Broken Hill and then into South Australia and on to Adelaide. It covers some of the most arid country in the state. On the way it passes through Parkes, one of the major freight interchange points of the network.

Today it is an important link for east/west rail operations in Australia. Apart from much of the trans-continental freight it is also used by the Indian Pacific passenger train, and for a weekly passenger train.

In the past, Broken Hill was the terminus of the line, with a narrow gauge line continuing west. However, in 1969 this was replaced with a standard gauge line, as part of the national gauge standardisation process.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Orange East Fork Junction In Use unknown - 320.800 2
icon Orange East Fork Platform Platform In Use 16-May-1970 - 321.100 1
icon icon Orange West Fork Junction In Use unknown - 1
icon icon Orange North Fork Junction In Use unknown - 1
icon Canobolas Station Closed unknown unknown 327.290 1
icon Nashdale Halt Closed 21-Dec-1885 unknown 331.585 2
icon Borenore Station Re-used 21-Dec-1885 unknown 338.160 5
icon Amaroo Unknown Closed 21-Dec-1885 23-Nov-1974 348.400 2
icon Gamboola Loop Closed 8-May-1925 unknown 350.217
icon Molong Station Re-used 21-Dec-1885 unknown 360.030 18
icon Pinecliffe Unknown Closed 18-Oct-1897 22-Nov-1974 377.671 1
icon Gregra Station Closed 18-Dec-1893 23-Nov-1974 444.947 2
icon Manildra Station Closed 18-Dec-1893 unknown 384.800 5
icon Meranburn Unknown Closed 18-Dec-1893 29-Mar-1974 392.070 1
icon Jeerabung Unknown Closed unknown 23-Nov-1974 398.459 2
icon Bumberry Station Closed 18-Dec-1893 23-Nov-1974 407.010 3
icon Mandagery Tank Tank Closed 18-Dec-1893 4-Aug-1971 416.669 2
icon Mandagery Halt Closed 18-Dec-1893 23-Nov-1974 419.043
icon Cookamidgera Station Closed 18-Dec-1893 20-Jan-1975 430.300 2
icon Mugincoble Station Closed 23-Feb-1901 23-Nov-1974 437.999 4
icon Parkes Racecourse Station Closed 18-Dec-1923 Oct-1937 442.408
icon Parkes Station In Use 18-Dec-1893 - 445.500 13
icon Jct (Parkes) Junction In Use unknown -
icon Goobang Junction Junction In Use unknown - 448.300 5
icon Brolgan Station Closed 15-Dec-1896 13-May-1972 458.482 1
icon Nelungaloo Siding Closed 28-May-1916 23-Nov-1974 462.550 2
icon Gunningbland Station Closed 15-Dec-1896 26-Apr-1976 470.500 2
icon Bogan Gate Station Re-used 15-Dec-1896 unknown 483.080 9
icon Carlachy Unknown Closed 1-Mar-1888 7-Aug-1971 489.938 1
icon Monomie Unknown Closed 6-Feb-1902 13-Jul-1973 494.316 1
icon Yarrabandai Station Closed 1-Mar-1898 unknown 505.100 6
icon Ootha Siding Closed 17-Nov-1899 unknown 516.600 2
icon Derriwong Station Closed 1-Mar-1898 unknown 528.400 2
icon North Borambil Unknown Closed 8-Mar-1902 1941 534.322 1
icon Condobolin Station In Use 1-Mar-1898 - 546.300 8
icon Micabil Platform Closed 10-Feb-1919 13-Jul-1973 564.749 1
icon Yeenan Loop Closed 18-Jun-1941 1945 570.230
icon Kiacatoo Station Closed 10-Feb-1919 26-Apr-1976 578.200 1
icon Gunebang Station Closed 10-Feb-1919 unknown 591.600 1
icon Booberoi Siding Closed 10-Feb-1919 23-Nov-1974 608.429
icon Euabalong West Station In Use 10-Feb-1919 - 619.200 23
icon Mellelea Loop Closed 9-Aug-1967 unknown 633.212
icon Boonia Loop Not Opened - - 642.046
icon Mirrabee Loop Closed 16-Jun-1941 1945 684.956
icon Matakana Station Closed 10-Feb-1919 unknown 665.500 5
icon Roto Station Closed 10-Feb-1919 unknown 706.926 16
icon Roto East Junction Junction Closed 31-Mar-1931 21-Sep-1986
icon Roto West Junction Junction Closed 31-Mar-1931 21-Sep-1986
icon Wee Elwah Station Closed after 10-Feb-1919 23-Nov-1974 725.896
icon Gibbial Loop Closed 18-Jun-1941 unknown 727.262
icon Trida Station Closed 10-Feb-1919 unknown 750.100
icon Trida Terminus Dead End Closed 10-Feb-1919 19-Aug-1925 757.215
icon Conoble Station Closed 19-Aug-1925 25-Feb-1986 778.680
icon Ivanhoe Station In Use 19-Aug-1925 - 816.400 7
icon Wurang Unknown Closed Sep-1935 3-Feb-1943 838.578
icon Oricar Loop Closed 16-Jun-1941 unknown 848.868
icon Beilpajah Platform Closed 7-Nov-1927 unknown 864.403
icon Darnick Station In Use 7-Nov-1927 - 881.041 2
icon Manara Unknown Closed Sep-1949 23-Nov-1974 899.899
icon Jamma Loop Closed 18-Jun-1941 1945 912.900
icon Sayers Lake Station Closed 9-Apr-1936 unknown 917.426 2
icon Gum Lake Station Closed 7-Nov-1927 unknown 927.790 2
icon Kaleentha Loop Unknown 7-Nov-1927 943.800
icon Menindee Station In Use 15-Jul-1919 - 1006.600 5
icon Box Tank Station Closed 15-Jul-1919 23-Nov-1974 1035.470
icon Horse Lake Station Closed 27-Mar-1923 4-Oct-1974 1050.320
icon Kinalung Station Closed 15-Jul-1919 23-Nov-1974 1065.800
icon Wahratta Siding Closed 27-May-1924 23-Nov-1974 1081.200
icon Tiuna Loop Closed 2-Jun-1941 unknown 1095.080
icon The Gorge Station Closed 15-Jul-1919 25-Sep-1971 1095.680
icon Mount Gipps Station Closed 15-Jul-1919 23-Nov-1974 1105.470 1
icon Broken Hill Station In Use 15-Jul-1919 - 1124.800 11
icon Kanandah Yard In Use 12-Jan-1970 - 1131.140
icon Bemax Siding Siding In Use 19-Aug-2006 - 1134.340
icon Pinnacle Mines Siding Siding In Use 20-Sep-2003 - 1143.440
icon Thackaringa (2nd) Loop In Use 12-Jan-1970 - 1157.540
icon SA Border Border - - - 480.349


Track: > 159.55 km
Stations: 8 / 40 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Orange East Fork - Molong 21-Dec-1885     general
Molong - Parkes 18-Dec-1893     general
Parkes - Bogan Gate 15-Dec-1896     general
Bogan Gate - Condobolin 1-Mar-1898     general
Condobolin - Trida 10-Feb-1919     general
Trida - Ivanhoe 19-Aug-1925     general
Ivanhoe - Menindee 7-Nov-1927     general
Menindee - Broken Hill 15-Jul-1919     general
Broken Hill - SA Border 10-Jan-1970     general

Orange triangle

Orange West Fork - Orange North Fork 21-Dec-1885     general