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Cessnock Branch


Track: 25.78 km
Stations: 0 / 10 in use

The Cessnock Branch is a private line owned and operated by the South Maitland Railways. Although it did carry passenger trains, it was mainly used to carry coal from the numerous collieries in the South Maitland area. As well as providing sidings for loading, there were a number of branches leading off the line leading to one or more collieries. Being a private railway, it saw the use of steam-hauled trains well after diesels had taken over on the government lines.

Today most of the the collieries have gone, and their branches lifted. The only traffic which currently remains (as of early 2001) is occasional coal trains from the Pelton Colliery to the south of Cessnock. Once double track for the whole length, now only the Up Main is used, with the Down Main lifted in many places.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Maitland Junctions Junction In Use 26-Jul-1893 - 193.000 1
icon East Greta Junction Platform Closed unknown unknown 193.900 7
icon East Greta No 2 Colliery Colliery Closed 1894 1929
icon East Greta Station Closed 14-Jun-1902 unknown 196.740 3
icon East Greta No 1 Colliery Colliery Closed 9-Dec-1893 1926
icon Aberdare Junction Station Closed 30-Jul-1903 23-Nov-1952 199.070 8
icon Bee Siding Platform Closed unknown unknown 202.630 2
icon North Kurri Kurri Platform Closed unknown unknown 204.420 3
icon Jct (Weston) Junction Closed 11-Nov-1918 4-Sep-1972 206.580
icon Weston Station Closed Dec-1903 unknown 206.590 14
icon Greta Main Colliery Siding Closed 28-Jul-1922 3-Apr-1935
icon Jct (Abermain) Junction Closed Feb-1913 10-Apr-1964
icon Abermain Station Closed Dec-1903 unknown 209.250 10
icon Neath Station Closed 1908 unknown 210.740 7
icon Aberdare South Junction Junction Closed 30-Aug-1918 1927
icon Aberdare Central Junction Junction Closed 15-May-1918 1960s 214.880 3
icon Caledonia Station Closed 16-Feb-1904 unknown 215.670 9
icon Aberdare Colliery Colliery Closed 1904 Sep-1982 216.050
icon Bellbird Junction Junction Closed Mar-1918 Apr-1976 217.220 2
icon Cessnock Station Closed 16-Feb-1904 circa 1975 218.140 8
icon Aberdare Extended Colliery Colliery Closed 20-Dec-1906 1973 218.780


Track: 25.78 km
Stations: 0 / 10 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Maitland Junctions - East Greta 26-Jul-1893     general
East Greta - Aberdare Junction 6-Sep-1901     general
Aberdare Junction - Weston 29-Dec-1902     general
Weston - Abermain 27-Jan-1903     general
Abermain - Bellbird Junction 16-Feb-1904     general
Bellbird Junction - Aberdare Extended Colliery 11-Feb-1912   23-Dec-1973   general