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Cobar Branch


Track: 175.07 km
Stations: 0 / 3 in use

The Cobar branch extends from Nyngan in the far west, west across the plains to the town of Cobar. Beyond Cobar the line is privately owned, and continues to the CSA and Elura mines. From 1901 to 1965 there was also a branch from the south of the town to the Occidental mine.

Traffic today consists of ore from the mines, and wheat from silos along the line.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Nyngan Junction Junction In Use 1-Jul-1892 17-May-1989 623.480 2
icon Tikkara Unknown Closed 7-Nov-1896 13-Apr-1946 632.390 1
icon Miandetta Unknown Closed 1-Jul-1892 unknown 644.010 1
icon Thorndale Unknown Closed 1-Jul-1892 15-Aug-1968 650.595
icon Hermidale Station Closed 1-Jul-1892 unknown 667.700 2
icon Birkalla Unknown Closed Aug-1931 Nov-1957 680.752
icon Muriel Tank Platform Platform Closed 1899 23-Nov-1974 687.935
icon Muriel Tank Tank Closed 1905 unknown 688.049
icon Pooraka Siding Closed 1-Aug-1911 13-Nov-1951
icon Florida Unknown Closed 22-Nov-1892 23-Nov-1974 704.790 1
icon Boppy Mountain Unknown Closed 1-Jul-1892 unknown 710.830 2
icon Meryula Unknown Closed 1-Jul-1892 25-Sep-1974 732.634 1
icon Peak Junction Junction Closed 26-Nov-1901 7-Mar-1979 2
icon Cobar Station Re-used 1-Jul-1892 unknown 754.190 7
icon icon CSA Junction Junction In Use 15-Dec-1982 - 763.838
icon icon Elura Mine Mine In Use unknown - 796.340
icon CSA Mine Mine In Use 18-Nov-1963 - 766.048


Track: 175.07 km
Stations: 0 / 3 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Nyngan Junction - Cobar 1-Jul-1892     general
Cobar - CSA Mine 7-Jan-1918   10-Sep-1931  12 general
Cobar - CSA Mine 17-Dec-1963     general
CSA Junction - Elura Mine 15-Dec-1982     general
1 Last train ran 1923
2 Track lifted 1-Jan-1941