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Corowa Branch


Track: 76.03 km
Stations: 1 / 10 in use

This branch lies in the far south of the state. It branches off the Main South Line at Culcairn, and head south-west to the border town of Corowa. The line was opened in 1892 to transport wheat, and was closed almost 100 years later.

The yard and station at Corowa has been turned into a park and tourist information centre.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Culcairn Station In Use 1-Sep-1880 - 596.820 29
icon Weeamera Platform Closed Jan-1914 Jun-1947 604.170 1
icon Hurricane Hill Station Closed 2-Jul-1926 19-Feb-1954 605.918 3
icon Walla Walla Station Closed 3-Oct-1892 4-May-1975 613.590 11
icon Burrumbuttock Station Closed 3-Oct-1892 4-May-1975 625.610 27
icon Orelda Platform Closed 30-Sep-1893 unknown 630.050 7
icon Brocklesby Station Closed 3-Oct-1892 4-May-1975 636.100 20
icon Balldale Station Closed 3-Oct-1892 4-May-1975 651.590 16
icon Hopefield Station Closed 3-Oct-1892 4-May-1975 660.730 9
icon Corowa Station Re-used 3-Oct-1892 unknown 672.850 8


Track: 76.03 km
Stations: 1 / 10 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Culcairn - Brocklesby 3-Oct-1892   Dec-1991  1 general
Brocklesby - Corowa 3-Oct-1892   9-Jan-1989  2 general
1 Date section decomissioned
2 Last train ran 24-Jan-1988