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Dorrigo Branch


Track: 69.30 km
Stations: 0 / 11 in use

The Dorrigo branch lies on the north coast of NSW. It branches off the North Coast Line at Glenreagh, and climbs up to the Dorrigo Plateau.

The Dorrigo area was settled in the early 1900s by pastoralists and tree fellers. Due to the steep terrain, it was decided to build a railway to allow products to be brought to nearby port towns. Several routes were surveyed, with the route from Glenreagh eventually chosen. The line climbs 664m over a length of 69km.

The steep terrain and high rainfall made construction and maintenance of this line quite difficult. Due to the tight curves, a check rail was employed in numerous places. Two tunnels and numerous bridges were required.

Apart from the end points of Dorrigo and Glenreagh, the station on this line were very small, often consisting of a short platform with a small shelter. The major traffic on this line was timber.

For much of its lifetime, the line was not profitable and when several washaways occurred in 1972, it was decided to suspend services rather than repair the damage.

Due to the line's scenic value, two preservation groups have taken over the line. The Glenreagh Mountain Railway have taken over the lower section, from Glenreagh to Ulong. They are currently restoring the infrastructure and resleepering the line with the aim of introducing tourist services using rail trikes and their steam locomotive, 1919.

The upper half of the line, from Ulong to Dorrigo is being managed by the Dorrigo Steam Railway and Museum. This group is primarily a museum, but also plan to run services on the top half of the line.


Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Glenreagh Station Closed 12-Oct-1915 unknown 651.900 25
icon Tunnel No 1 Tunnel Closed 23-Dec-1924 28-Oct-1972
icon Tunnel No 2 Tunnel Closed 23-Dec-1924 28-Oct-1972
icon Timber Top Siding Closed 23-Dec-1924 20-Sep-1975 667.800
icon Moleton Station Closed 23-Dec-1924 unknown 677.890 2
icon Mole Creek Tank Tank Closed 23-Dec-1924 unknown 679.575
icon Lowanna Station Closed 23-Dec-1924 20-Sep-1975 684.400 10
icon Ulong Station Closed 23-Dec-1924 20-Sep-1975 688.028 5
icon Brooklana Platform Closed 23-Dec-1924 20-Sep-1975 692.219 3
icon Lloyd Platform Closed Apr-1942 9-May-1962 696.800
icon Cascade Platform Closed 9-May-1925 20-Sep-1975 699.400 2
icon Briggsvale Platform Closed 23-Dec-1924 20-Sep-1975 701.900 1
icon Megan Station Closed 23-Dec-1924 20-Sep-1975 707.900 6
icon Leigh Platform Closed 23-Dec-1924 20-Sep-1975 711.400 2
icon Dorrigo Station Re-used 23-Dec-1924 721.200 7


Track: 69.30 km
Stations: 0 / 11 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Glenreagh - Dorrigo 23-Dec-1924   28-Oct-1972  1 general
1 Date line closed due to flood damage