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Gwabegar Line


Track: > 443.38 km
Stations: 1 / 43 in use

The Gwabegar branch runs from Wallerwawang on the Main Western Line north to the locality of Gwabegar. It was opened progressively from 1882 to 1923.

Currently, the section from Binnaway to Coonabarabran is only used for seasonal wheat traffic. The Merrygoen-Binnaway section forms part of the cross-country line from Dubbo to Werris Creek.

The section from Kandos to Gulgong was closed on March 2, 1992, however this was re-opened for traffic on September 2, 2000.

The lower section, from Kandos to Wallerawang sees occasional cement traffic and regular coal trains, from the collieries at Charbon and Baal Bone.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Jct (Wallerawang) Junction In Use 15-May-1882 - 171.900
icon Irondale Halt Closed 1-Oct-1889 1945 173.800 8
icon Pipers Flat Station Closed 15-May-1882 Jul-1972 179.473 5
icon icon Portland Station Closed 1887 4-Mar-1986 181.300 10
icon icon Portland Cement Works Other Closed unknown unknown 6
icon icon Cullen Bullen Station Closed 1-May-1889 6-Mar-1976 188.310 3
icon icon Invincible Colliery Other Closed unknown unknown
icon icon Baal Bone Junction Junction In Use 1986 - 188.570 3
icon icon Baal Bone Colliery Colliery In Use 1986 - 200.250
icon Ben Bullen Station Closed 15-May-1882 1-Jun-1974 198.300 10
icon Capertee Tunnel Tunnel In Use 15-May-1882 - 204.890 2
icon Capertee Station Re-used 15-May-1882 unknown 207.360 6
icon Torbane Station Closed 4-Sep-1897 21-Sep-1974 212.313 4
icon Excelsior Station Closed 1886 21-Sep-1974 218.100 4
icon Weenga Platform Closed 31-Jul-1916 4-Aug-1971 220.202 3
icon Carlos Gap Halt Closed 1887 1931 223.100 3
icon Carlos Gap Tunnel Tunnel In Use 4-Jun-1884 - 223.080 4
icon Vulcan Unknown Closed 11-Dec-1916 15-May-1971 228.403 4
icon Telegherry Unknown Closed 3-Nov-1931 Oct-1961 230.409
icon Brogans Creek Loop Closed 9-Jan-1884 22-Oct-1974 231.344 10
icon Clandulla Station Closed 9-Jan-1884 unknown 242.260 12
icon Charbon Unknown Unknown 21-Mar-1927 246.300 1
icon icon Charbon Colliery Junction Junction In Use 1986 - 244.616 1
icon icon Charbon Colliery Colliery In Use 1986 -
icon Kandos Station Re-used 12-Apr-1914 unknown 249.300 9
icon Rylstone Station Re-used 9-Jan-1884 unknown 257.210 5
icon Mortonmain Halt Closed 1-Oct-1917 1960 266.459
icon Lue Station Closed 10-Sep-1884 18-Mar-1986 279.630 5
icon Havilah Unknown Closed 1-Jan-1890 6-Apr-1975 288.900 3
icon Mount Knowles Unknown Closed Nov-1919 29-Jun-1974 293.151 3
icon Mount Frome Unknown Closed 10-Sep-1884 29-Jun-1974 301.639 4
icon Mudgee Station In Use 10-Sep-1884 unknown 308.100 26
icon Munna Station Closed 14-Apr-1909 24-Aug-1974 317.440 1
icon Warrobil Station Closed 14-Apr-1909 25-Jun-1978 330.990 7
icon Gulgong Station Closed 14-Jan-1909 unknown 340.600 24
icon Puggoon Station Closed 26-Nov-1910 19-Feb-1972 350.370 1
icon Tallawang Station Closed 6-Nov-1910 29-Jun-1974 409.480
icon Birriwa Station Closed 26-Nov-1910 5-Mar-1974 370.420 3
icon Craboon Station Closed 26-Nov-1910 6-Apr-1975 376.500 1
icon Dunedoo Station Closed 26-Nov-1910 unknown 387.900 13
icon Liamena Station Closed 2-Apr-1917 18-Mar-1972 395.480
icon Towealgra Station Closed 2-Apr-1917 20-Jan-1962 400.670
icon Wongoni Station Closed 2-Apr-1917 9-Sep-1967 409.140
icon Jct (Merrygoen) Junction In Use 8-Apr-1918 -
icon Merrygoen Station Closed 2-Apr-1917 unknown 417.800 17
icon Toogarlan Loop Closed 8-Jul-1940 6-May-1976 427.400
icon Neilrex Station Closed 2-Apr-1917 23-Nov-1974 435.800 1
icon Mooren Station Closed 2-Apr-1917 23-Nov-1974 441.200
icon Piambra Station Closed 2-Apr-1917 23-Nov-1974 448.000
icon Jct (Binnaway) Junction In Use 29-Oct-1923 - 459.100
icon Binnaway Station Closed 2-Apr-1917 unknown 458.700 22
icon Murrawal Station Closed 11-Jun-1917 before 28-May-1972 471.770
icon Deringulla Station Closed 11-Jun-1917 23-Nov-1974 482.781
icon Ulamambri Station Closed 11-Jun-1917 22-May-1976 492.200
icon Coonabarabran Station Closed 11-Jun-1917 unknown 508.300 30
icon Yearinan Station Closed 10-Sep-1923 23-Nov-1974 530.510
icon Bugaldie Station Closed 10-Sep-1923 22-May-1976 544.960 5
icon Wittenbra Station Closed 10-Sep-1923 12-Feb-1960 553.660
icon Baradine Station Closed 10-Sep-1923 19-Nov-1985 563.800 6
icon Kenebri Station Closed 10-Sep-1923 22-May-1976 584.489 1
icon Merebene Halt Closed 7-Sep-1925 25-Sep-1971 593.841
icon Gwabegar Station Closed 10-Sep-1923 unknown 603.600 10


Track: > 443.38 km
Stations: 1 / 43 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Jct (Wallerawang) - Capertee 15-May-1882     general
Capertee - Kandos 4-Jun-1884     general
Kandos - Rylstone 9-Jun-1884   2-Mar-1992   general
Kandos - Rylstone 25-Apr-1997  1 27-Apr-1997   general
Kandos - Rylstone 2-Sep-2000     general
Rylstone - Mudgee 10-Sep-1884   2-Mar-1992   general
Rylstone - Mudgee 2-Sep-2000     general
Mudgee - Gulgong 14-Apr-1909   2-Mar-1992   general
Mudgee - Gulgong 2-Sep-2000     general
Gulgong - Dunedoo 28-Nov-1910     general
Dunedoo - Binnaway 2-Apr-1917     general
Binnaway - Coonabarabran 11-Jun-1917   28-Oct-2005   general
Coonabarabran - Gwabegar 10-Sep-1923   28-Oct-2005   general

Baal Bone Colliery branch

Baal Bone Junction - Baal Bone Colliery unknown     general

Charbon Colliery branch

Charbon Colliery Junction - Charbon Colliery unknown     general

Commonwealth Portland Cement Company branch

Portland - Portland Cement Works unknown   unknown  2 general

Invincible Colliery branch

Cullen Bullen - Invincible Colliery unknown   unknown  2 general
1 Temporarily re-opened for special steam services
2 Track has been lifted