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Holsworthy Line


Track: 7.91 km
Stations: 0 / 1 in use

The Holsworthy Line is located in the south-west of Sydney. At the time of construction, this area was a restricted military area. This Army Reserve contained training areas, rifle ranges and an internment camp for Germans during WW1. In fact, the line was constructed using internee labour.

The section beyond Anzac Rifle Range fell into disrepair and from 1930 was put out of use. Several sidings were erected to the south-west of the rifle range; these sidings and the truncated line were known in later years as the Moorebank Line.

The Department of Defence still uses this area, although the line has now been lifted. A new suburb of Holsworthy was created nearby, but this is served by the extension to the East Hills Line.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Jct (Liverpool) Junction Closed 21-Jan-1918 21-Jun-1977 35.340 2
icon Liverpool Camp Siding Closed unknown unknown 34.390
icon Anzac Rifle Range Platform Closed Oct-1920 8-Apr-1974 38.563 1
icon Remount Depot Siding Closed unknown unknown 40.530
icon Holdsworthy Siding Closed 25-Jan-1918 circa 1920 43.250


Track: 7.91 km
Stations: 0 / 1 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Jct (Liverpool) - Anzac Rifle Range 21-Jan-1918   21-Jun-1977  12 general
Anzac Rifle Range - Holdsworthy 21-Jan-1918   Jun-1977  312 general
1 Date line was decomissioned
2 Track has been lifted
3 Last train ran Oct-1923