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Inverell Branch


Track: 153.93 km
Stations: 1 / 15 in use

The Inverell branch lies in the far north of the state. It extended east from Moree to the town of Inverell, some 150km to the east.

Beginning in 1987, the line was progressively shut-down until 1994 when it was finally closed.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Moree Station In Use 1-Apr-1897 - 665.600 14
icon Mungie Bungie Platform Closed 19-Dec-1901 20-Feb-1975 676.808
icon Mia Creek Siding Closed 1-Feb-1900 20-Feb-1975 680.897
icon Marambir Station Closed 1-Feb-1900 22-Mar-1975 688.430 2
icon Wubbera Station Closed Mar-1902 25-Dec-1972 697.530 2
icon Biniguy Station Closed 1-Feb-1900 3-Dec-1985 705.100 3
icon Yagobie Tank Tank Closed 1-Feb-1900 20-Feb-1975 709.260
icon Yagobie Platform Closed 1-Feb-1900 unknown 709.429 1
icon Gravesend Station Closed 1-Feb-1900 unknown 721.297 6
icon Syfield Platform Closed Nov-1932 Apr-1957 725.089
icon Glendon Unknown Closed Mar-1902 20-Feb-1975 729.900
icon Hadleigh Station Closed 25-Nov-1901 20-Feb-1975 733.490 1
icon Warialda Station Closed 25-Nov-1901 3-Dec-1985 744.095 3
icon Booshang Siding Closed 20-Apr-1909 27-Sep-1975 759.120
icon Koloona Siding Closed 25-Nov-1901 11-Dec-1971 768.310 1
icon Domboy Tank Tank Closed 25-Nov-1901 1-Apr-1975 775.380
icon Delungra Station Closed 25-Nov-1901 unknown 779.700 7
icon Mount Russell Station Closed 10-Mar-1902 unknown 792.320 3
icon Greenwood Station Closed 10-Mar-1902 unknown 803.700 1
icon Bookoola Unknown Closed 27-Apr-1909 22-Mar-1975 806.078
icon Byron Station Closed 10-Mar-1902 12-Mar-1971 813.800 3
icon Inverell Station Closed 25-Nov-1901 unknown 819.531 5


Track: 153.93 km
Stations: 1 / 15 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Moree - Biniguy 1-Feb-1900   14-Jun-1994  1 general
Biniguy - Gravesend 1-Feb-1900   16-Aug-1991   general
Gravesend - Delungra 25-Nov-1901   16-Aug-1991   general
Delungra - Inverell 10-Mar-1902   2-Dec-1987  2 general
1 Date section was decomissioned
2 Last train ran 22-Jun-1987