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Lake Cargelligo Branch


Track: > 239.22 km
Stations: 2 / 25 in use

The Lake Cargelligo branch services the main wheat area of the state's central west. It starts at the major rail hub of Cootamundra, on the Main South Line and extends north and west through the towns of Temora and West Wyalong to the terminus at Lake Cargelligo.

Today the only traffic along from Temora onwards is wheat, although other products are shipped from there inwards.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Cootamundra Station In Use 1-Nov-1877 - 429.650 32
icon icon Cootamundra North Junction Junction In Use unknown - 1
icon icon Cootamundra West Station Closed 22-Mar-1911 unknown 431.000 29
icon Bauloora Unknown Closed 1-Sep-1893 Sep-1939 437.500
icon Meemar Loop Closed 3-Jan-1924 1980s 439.770
icon Yeo Yeo Unknown Closed 1-Sep-1893 4-May-1975 446.710 3
icon Stockinbingal Station Closed 1-Sep-1893 unknown 454.050 29
icon Gundibindyal Station Closed 1-Sep-1893 14-Nov-1974 462.850 2
icon Springdale Station Closed 1-Sep-1893 4-May-1975 468.980 3
icon Combaning Station Closed 1-Sep-1893 4-May-1975 474.441 3
icon Temora Station In Use 1-Sep-1893 - 489.290 23
icon Sproules Lagoon Station Closed 2-Dec-1903 17-Jul-1959 496.830
icon Gidginbung Station Closed 2-Dec-1903 4-May-1975 503.850 2
icon Reefton Station Closed 2-Dec-1903 4-May-1975 513.504 4
icon Barmedman Station Closed 2-Dec-1903 unknown 525.560 23
icon Jct (Barmedman) Junction In Use 8-Jan-1923 - 525.880 1
icon Yiddah Station Closed 2-Dec-1903 4-May-1975 539.270 1
icon South Wyalong Station Closed Jan-1908 4-May-1975 553.257 2
icon Wyalong Station Closed 2-Dec-1903 unknown 555.240 16
icon West Wyalong Station Closed 13-Nov-1917 unknown 557.320 5
icon Wyalong Junction Junction In Use 16-Dec-1929 - 558.120 1
icon Calleen Station Closed 13-Nov-1917 4-May-1975 576.000 2
icon Girral Station Closed 13-Nov-1917 4-May-1975 584.840 1
icon Ungarie Station Closed 13-Nov-1917 unknown 597.680 4
icon Winnunga Station Closed 13-Nov-1917 28-Aug-1958 607.320 1
icon Weja Station Closed 13-Nov-1917 4-May-1975 616.150 2
icon Bygalorie Station Closed 13-Nov-1917 6-Jul-1971 625.580 2
icon Tullibigeal Station Closed 13-Nov-1917 21-May-1986 632.430 4
icon Burgooney Station Closed 13-Nov-1917 4-May-1975 646.960 1
icon Wargambegal Station Closed 13-Nov-1917 20-Jan-1975 656.950 1
icon Lake Cargelligo Station Closed 13-Nov-1917 unknown 668.870 14


Track: > 239.22 km
Stations: 2 / 25 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Cootamundra - Temora 1-Sep-1893     general
Temora - Wyalong 2-Dec-1903     general
Wyalong - Lake Cargelligo 13-Nov-1917     general

Cootamundra North Fork

Cootamundra North Junction - Cootamundra West 22-Mar-1911     general