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Merriwa Branch


Track: 81.74 km
Stations: 1 / 7 in use

The Merriwa branch is a short (39km) branch in the central north of NSW.

The section beyond Sandy Hollow was truncated to a siding in 1988. The track beyond has been washed away in several places and would take a good deal of reconstruction if services were ever to resume. The rest of the line is now part of the cross-country line between Gulgong and Muswellbrook. It has been relaid to main-line standards and sees mainly traffic from the coal loader at Ulan.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Muswellbrook Station In Use 19-May-1869 - 288.800 13
icon Bengalla Coal Loader Colliery In Use circa 1999 - 296.140
icon Roxburgh Station Closed 26-Apr-1915 7-Mar-1975 303.071
icon Mangoola Unknown Closed 9-Jun-1930 26-Sep-1970 307.719
icon Denman Station Closed 26-Apr-1915 unknown 314.100 7
icon Myambat Station Closed 29-Oct-1917 29-Jun-1975 323.944
icon Sandy Hollow Station Closed 29-Oct-1917 29-Sep-1973 332.100 6
icon Gungal Station Closed 29-Oct-1917 26-Sep-1975 343.095 5
icon Wappinguy Unknown Closed 6-May-1918 1-Nov-1963 358.254
icon Merriwa Station Closed 29-Oct-1917 unknown 370.540 10


Track: 81.74 km
Stations: 1 / 7 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Muswellbrook - Denman 26-Apr-1915     general
Denman - Sandy Hollow 29-Oct-1917     general
Sandy Hollow - Merriwa 29-Oct-1917   10-Feb-1988   general