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Mungindi Line


Track: 378.67 km
Stations: 6 / 23 in use

The Mungindi branch starts at the major rail centre of Werris Creek, and heads north to the remote town of Mungindi, on the Queensland border. Along the line are the major towns of Narrabri and Moree.

Today it is utilised for almost its entire length for grain transport, and for coal from the Preston and Gunnedah collieries. Only the final 27km is out of use, having been so since floodwaters damaged the line in 1974.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Werris Creek Station In Use 14-Oct-1878 - 410.700 26
icon Jct (Gap) Junction In Use unknown - 1
icon Gap Platform Closed 20-Jun-1940 17-Sep-1971 416.050 7
icon Burilda Loop Closed 18-Jun-1908 unknown 422.360 2
icon Breeza Tank Tank Closed 25-Mar-1879 unknown 432.241
icon Breeza Unknown Unknown 24-Mar-1879 433.900 2
icon Watermark Loop Closed 12-Oct-1911 unknown 445.600 3
icon Nea Unknown Closed 1911 26-Feb-1966 449.957 3
icon Curlewis Station Closed 1909 unknown 458.500 10
icon Gunnedah Station In Use 11-Sep-1879 - 475.800 11
icon Gunnedah West Station Closed 26-Oct-1925 6-May-1955 481.657 4
icon Emerald Hill Station Unknown 1883 493.400 11
icon Dubbleda Loop Closed 13-Oct-1911 5-Jun-1917 504.026
icon Boggabri Station In Use 11-Jul-1882 - 515.170 6
icon Boggabri Coal Loop Other In Use 29-Oct-2006 - 521.402 3
icon Baan Baa Station Unknown 1883 530.700 1
icon Turrawan Station Closed 1884 unknown 547.600 1
icon Tibberena Unknown Closed 30-Oct-1909 27-Feb-1955 561.979
icon Narrabri South Junction Junction In Use unknown - 565.009
icon Narrabri Junction Platform Platform Unknown unknown 565.000 5
icon Narrabri North Junction Junction In Use unknown - 1
icon Narrabri Station In Use 1-Apr-1897 - 569.200 8
icon Edgeroi Station Closed 1-Apr-1897 unknown 593.600 7
icon Woolenget Unknown Closed 9-Sep-1901 18-Jul-1951 596.864
icon Bellata Station In Use 1-Apr-1897 unknown 615.460 5
icon Kilgowla Unknown Closed 12-May-1906 27-Jul-1974 627.913
icon Gurley Station Closed 1-Apr-1897 unknown 635.400 3
icon Tycannah Unknown Closed 1-Apr-1897 27-Jul-1974 649.232
icon Moree Station In Use 1-Apr-1897 - 665.600 14
icon Camurra Station Closed 29-Sep-1913 unknown 676.904 2
icon Ashley Station Closed 29-Sep-1913 17-Dec-1974 692.252
icon Moppin Station Closed 29-Sep-1913 20-Feb-1975 705.622
icon Garah Station Closed 29-Sep-1913 17-Mar-1974 724.100 5
icon Bengerang Station Closed 29-Sep-1913 20-Feb-1975 741.802
icon Weemelah Station Closed 7-Dec-1914 unknown 762.500 5
icon Neeworra Station Closed 7-Dec-1914 20-Feb-1975 779.293
icon Mungindi Station Closed 7-Dec-1914 unknown 789.370 6


Track: 378.67 km
Stations: 6 / 23 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Werris Creek - Breeza 25-Mar-1879     general
Breeza - Gunnedah 11-Sep-1879     general
Gunnedah - Boggabri 11-Jul-1882     general
Boggabri - Narrabri South Junction 1-Oct-1882     general
Narrabri South Junction - Moree 1-Apr-1897     general
Moree - Garah 29-Sep-1913     general
Garah - Weemelah 7-Dec-1914     general
Weemelah - Mungindi 7-Dec-1914   11-Jan-1974   general