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Murwillumbah Branch


Track: 132.30 km
Stations: 0 / 29 in use

The Murwillumbah branch lies in the for north east of NSW. It still sees passenger and some freight traffic, although the final section to Condong was closed in 1975.

Recently, freight operations were taken over by the Northern Rivers Railway, who subcontract to FreightCorp. Interestingly, NRR use 421 class locomotives for their operations.

The line was closed by the government on May 16 2004, because it would have cost too much to maintain.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Jct (Casino) Junction In Use 27-Sep-1930 - 806.300 1
icon Jct (Old Casino) Junction Closed 25-Jun-1910 9-Apr-1986
icon Old Casino Station Re-used 19-Oct-1903 9-Apr-1986 806.740 8
icon North Casino Unknown Closed 19-Oct-1903 24-Dec-1966 810.631 2
icon Naughtons Gap Unknown Closed 19-Oct-1903 30-Jun-1975 815.700
icon Naughtons Gap Tunnel Tunnel Closed 19-Oct-1903 16-May-2004 815.670
icon Bentley Platform Closed 1906 30-Jun-1974 818.956 2
icon Bungabbee Station Closed 10-Oct-1903 20-Oct-1973 821.980
icon Fernside Unknown Closed Dec-1904 19-Feb-1972 824.350 1
icon Leycester Station Closed 1912 3-Jun-1972 827.555
icon Cubawee Unknown Closed 1909 10-Sep-1966 829.130
icon Tuncester Unknown Closed 19-Oct-1903 31-Mar-1976 831.230
icon Lismore Station Closed 15-May-1894 16-May-2004 836.026 4
icon North Lismore Station Closed 1907 30-Jun-1974 838.083
icon Woodlawn College Platform Closed 13-Feb-1943 28-Jun-1978 841.357 2
icon Woodlawn Station Closed 15-May-1894 23-Feb-1974 843.154
icon Bexhill Station Closed 15-May-1894 20-Jun-1974 846.673
icon Eltham Station Closed 1-May-1894 30-Jun-1974 851.490 2
icon Laureldale Station Closed 1913 19-Feb-1972 853.193
icon Booyong Tunnel Tunnel Closed 15-May-1894 16-May-2004 855.330
icon Booyong Junction Junction Closed 25-Aug-1930 11-Jun-1948 856.230
icon Booyong Station Closed 15-May-1894 30-Jun-1974 857.140 3
icon Nashua Platform Closed 1-Feb-1896 3-Jun-1972 861.404 3
icon Binna Burra Station Closed 15-May-1894 13-Mar-1972 865.951 1
icon Bangalow Station Closed 15-May-1894 4-Mar-1986 869.727 13
icon Talofa Halt Closed 11-Jan-1908 30-Jun-1974 874.283
icon St Helena Station Closed unknown 30-Jun-1974 875.690
icon Byron Bay Station Closed 15-May-1894 16-May-2004 882.659 12
icon Quarry Siding Siding Closed unknown unknown
icon Tyagarah Station Closed 15-May-1894 19-Feb-1972 890.474 1
icon Myocum Station Closed 20-Feb-1897 30-Jun-1974 895.119
icon Mullumbimby Station Closed 15-May-1894 16-May-2004 898.264 2
icon Fords Gap Tunnel Tunnel Closed 24-Dec-1894 16-May-2004 900.240
icon Morrisons Hill Tunnel Tunnel Closed 24-Dec-1894 16-May-2004 902.260
icon Haynes Hill Tunnel Tunnel Closed 24-Dec-1894 16-May-2004 904.280
icon Billinudgel Station Closed 24-Dec-1894 unknown 905.130 2
icon Marshalls Hill Tunnel Tunnel Closed 24-Dec-1894 16-May-2004 905.650 4
icon Yelgun Platform Closed 15-Oct-1922 unknown 908.182
icon Bamberry Hill Tunnel Tunnel Closed 24-Dec-1894 16-May-2004 909.240 3
icon Crabbes Creek Station Closed 24-Dec-1894 30-Jun-1974 911.073
icon Hull Hill Tunnel Tunnel Closed 24-Dec-1894 16-May-2004 912.080
icon Mooball Station Closed Jan-1895 30-Jun-1974 913.896
icon Burringbar Station Closed 24-Dec-1894 23-Dec-1967 916.250 5
icon Upper Burringbar Unknown Closed 1896 30-Jun-1974 919.345
icon Burringbar Range Tunnel Tunnel Closed 24-Dec-1894 16-May-2004 921.010 3
icon Stokers Station Re-used unknown 30-Jun-1974 926.494 1
icon Dunbible Station Closed 24-Dec-1894 30-Jun-1974 928.490
icon Murwillumbah Station Closed 24-Dec-1894 16-May-2004 934.912 23
icon Condong Other Closed unknown unknown 938.603 1


Track: 132.30 km
Stations: 0 / 29 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Jct (Casino) - Old Casino 6-Nov-1905     general
Old Casino - Lismore 19-Oct-1903   16-May-2004  1 general
Lismore - Mullumbimby 15-May-1894   16-May-2004  1 general
Mullumbimby - Murwillumbah 24-Dec-1894   16-May-2004  1 general
Murwillumbah - Condong 24-Dec-1894   circa 1984  2 general
1 The date of the last train
2 Last train ran 1975