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North Shore Line


Track: > 4.06 km
Stations: 18 / 20 in use

The North Shore line extends from the City Circle line across the Harbour Bridge and follows a major ridge up to the northern outskirts of Sydney, where it joins the Main North line at Hornsby.

The line opened in 1890 from Hornsby to St Leonards, and was extended to the original Milson Point station (the current Luna Park site) three years later, in 1893. In 1927 the line was electrified.

The original terminus station was built at the tip of the peninsular. In May 1915, this station was closed to allow construction on the bridge to commence, and a newer version built about 200m back up the line. The old station was retained for its loco servicing facilities.

This new setup was very unpopular with the public, and the old station was brought back into use in July of the same year. This lasted until 1924, when construction forced the final closure and demolition of the old station, and the new station was brought back into use.

With the opening of the Sydney Harbour bridge in 1932, a new deviation from Waverton to Wynyard was introduced. The old section was truncated and retained as an off-peak storage facility. It is now known as the North Sydney Car Sidings.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Hornsby Station In Use 17-Sep-1886 - 33.860 8
icon Waitara Station In Use 20-Apr-1895 - 24.210 3
icon Wahroonga Station In Use 1-Jan-1890 - 22.770 4
icon Warrawee Station In Use 1-Aug-1900 - 21.890 2
icon Turramurra Station In Use 1-Jan-1890 - 20.820 2
icon Pymble Station In Use 1-Jan-1890 - 18.900 1
icon Gordon Station In Use 1-Jan-1890 - 17.120 1
icon Killara Station In Use 10-Jul-1899 - 15.890 5
icon Lindfield Station In Use 1-Jan-1890 - 14.600 5
icon Roseville Station In Use 1-Jan-1890 - 13.270 2
icon Chatswood Station In Use 1-Jan-1890 - 11.650 12
icon Artarmon Station In Use 6-Jul-1898 - 10.300 1
icon St Leonards Station In Use 1-Jan-1890 - 8.410 3
icon Wollstonecraft Station In Use 1-May-1893 - 7.180 2
icon Bay Road Tunnel Tunnel In Use 1-May-1893 - 6.370 2
icon icon Waverton Station In Use 1-May-1893 - 6.110 5
icon icon North Sydney Tunnel Tunnel In Use 28-Feb-1932 - 5.420 1
icon icon North Sydney Station In Use 20-Mar-1932 - 5.130 5
icon icon Milsons Point Station In Use 28-Feb-1932 - 4.440 6
icon icon Wynyard Station In Use 28-Feb-1932 - 2.050 3
icon Lavender Bay Tunnel Tunnel In Use 1-May-1893 - 7.020
icon North Sydney Car Sidings Siding In Use 23-Mar-1932 - 7.845 6
icon Milsons Point (2nd) Station Closed 30-May-1915 19-Mar-1932
icon Milsons Point (1st) Station Closed 1-May-1893 24-Jul-1924


Track: > 4.06 km
Stations: 18 / 20 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Hornsby - St Leonards 1-Jan-1890     general
St Leonards - Waverton 1-May-1893     general
Waverton - North Sydney Car Sidings 1-May-1893     general
North Sydney Car Sidings - Milsons Point (2nd) 1-May-1893   20-Mar-1932   general
Milsons Point (2nd) - Milsons Point (1st) 1-May-1893   27-May-1924   general

Sydney Harbour Crossing

Waverton - Wynyard 28-Feb-1932     general