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Rogans Hill Branch


Track: unknown
Stations: 0 / 11 in use

The Rogans Hill line had its origins as a steam tramway which extended from Parramatta north to Castle Hill. This tramway broadly followed along Church Street, Windsor Road and the Old Northern Road. The railway followed most of this route, except that it branched from the Main West line at Westmead and joined the original route at Northmead. It also extended north of Castle Hill to Rogans Hill.

The line was never very successful, and suffered from competition with road traffic. After quite a short existence, it was closed in 1932. Because the line followed the road alignment, nearly all traces have been obliterated in subsequent road widenings.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Westmead Junction Junction Closed 28-Jan-1923 31-Jan-1932
icon Mons Road Platform Closed 28-Jan-1923 1-Feb-1932 26.513 1
icon Northmead Platform Closed 28-Jan-1923 1-Feb-1923 28.350
icon Moxham Road Platform Closed 28-Jan-1823 1-Feb-1932 29.080
icon Model Farms Road Platform Closed 28-Jan-1923 1-Feb-1932 30.160 3
icon Junction Road Platform Closed 28-Jan-1923 1-Feb-1932 31.250
icon Baulkham Hills Platform Closed 28-Jan-1923 1-Feb-1932 32.340 1
icon Cross Street Platform Closed 28-Jan-1923 1-Feb-1932 33.330
icon Southleigh Platform Closed 28-Jan-1923 1-Feb-1932 34.490
icon Parsonage Lane Platform Closed Dec-1923 1-Feb-1932 24.930
icon Castle Hill (1st) Platform Closed 28-Jan-1923 1-Feb-1932 36.040 1
icon Rogans Hill Platform Closed 24-Nov-1924 1-Feb-1932 37.390


Track: unknown
Stations: 0 / 11 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Westmead Junction - Castle Hill (1st) 28-Jan-1923   31-Jan-1932  12 general
Castle Hill (1st) - Rogans Hill 24-Nov-1924   31-Jan-1932  12 general
1 Date line was decomissioned
2 Track has been lifted