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Temora - Roto Line


Track: unknown
Stations: 3 / 23 in use

The Temora-Roto line lies in the south-west of the state. It extends from the rail centre of Temora west and north until it meets the Broken Hill and the remote locality of Roto. At one point there was a triangle junction at Roto, but this was removed in 1986, and the line decommissioned from Hillston onwards.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Temora Station In Use 1-Sep-1893 - 489.290 23
icon Pucawan Station Closed 5-Nov-1906 4-May-1975 508.160 2
icon Quandary Station Closed 5-Nov-1906 4-May-1975 512.051 2
icon Ariah Park Station In Use 5-Nov-1906 unknown 522.110 16
icon Mirrool Station Closed 18-Nov-1908 21-Oct-1985 535.030 3
icon Beckom Station Closed 18-Nov-1908 21-Oct-1985 547.980 1
icon Ardlethan Station Closed 18-Nov-1908 unknown 555.320 6
icon Kamarah Station Closed 18-Nov-1908 4-May-1975 567.480 1
icon Tigan Loop Closed 12-Aug-1941 26-Mar-1947 571.719
icon Moombooldool Station Closed 18-Nov-1908 4-May-1975 578.097 2
icon Barellan Station Closed 18-Nov-1908 unknown 587.800 5
icon Garoolgan Station Closed 3-Jul-1916 4-May-1975 600.260 1
icon Binya Station Closed 3-Jul-1916 23-Oct-1985 609.590 1
icon Yenda Station Closed 3-Jul-1916 unknown 623.970 4
icon Beelbangera Station Closed 3-Jul-1916 4-May-1975 633.201 1
icon Griffith Station In Use 3-Jul-1916 - 640.380 10
icon Lakeview Station Closed 18-Jun-1923 Sep-1937 642.972 1
icon Tharbogang Station Closed 18-Jun-1923 4-May-1975 647.174 2
icon Warburn Unknown Closed 1924 1-Mar-1973 657.406 1
icon Tabbita Station Closed 18-Jun-1923 4-May-1975 669.190 1
icon Carolgi Unknown Closed unknown unknown 677.382 1
icon Goolgowi Station Closed 18-Jun-1923 unknown 688.090 1
icon Budawong Unknown Closed 6-Jun-1927 9-Jul-1962 679.565 1
icon Merriwagga Station Closed 18-Jun-1923 unknown 708.833 5
icon Goorawin Unknown Closed 4-Jan-1926 4-May-1975 717.931 1
icon Langtree Station Closed 18-Jun-1923 4-May-1975 726.770 1
icon Dirrung Unknown Closed 16-Dec-1925 unknown 735.844
icon Hillston Station Closed 18-Jun-1923 unknown 747.430 6
icon Lowlands Halt Closed 31-Mar-1931 4-May-1975 779.800 1
icon icon Roto South Junction Junction Closed 31-Mar-1931 21-Sep-1986 795.620
icon icon Roto West Junction Junction Closed 31-Mar-1931 21-Sep-1986
icon Roto East Junction Junction Closed 31-Mar-1931 21-Sep-1986


Track: unknown
Stations: 3 / 23 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Temora - Ariah Park 5-Nov-1906     general
Ariah Park - Barellan 18-Nov-1908     general
Barellan - Griffith 3-Jul-1916     general
Griffith - Hillston 18-Jun-1923     general
Hillston - Roto South Junction 31-Mar-1931   21-Sep-1986  1 general
Roto South Junction - Roto East Junction 31-Mar-1931   21-Sep-1986  2 general
Roto South Junction - Roto West Junction 31-Mar-1931   21-Sep-1986  2 general
1 Last train ran 20-Sep-1986
2 Track lifted 17-Mar-1987