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Tocumwal Branch


Track: 180.38 km
Stations: 1 / 16 in use

This branch line lies in the south-central part of NSW. The branch is no longer in use, although the track and much of the infrastructure are still in place. It starts from the town of Narrandera on the Junee - Hay branch (still in use), and extends south to Tocumwal on the Victorian border. Here it meets a Victorian gauge line, and in fact Tocumwal was once a break-of-gauge station.

There has been some interest expressed by local government groups in the area in re-opening the line as a private venture, although nothing official has occurred. One impediment is that the crossing of the Murrumbidgee flood plain just to the south of Narrandera involves a number of wooden bridges and viaducts, most of which would have to be replaced.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Narrandera Station In Use 28-Feb-1881 - 583.480 34
icon Gillenbah Unknown Closed 16-Sep-1884 5-Sep-1895 589.000
icon Moons Siding Siding Closed before 1901 3-Sep-1935 591.556
icon Corobimilla Station Closed 1-Jan-1890 4-May-1975 603.970 5
icon New Park Platform Closed 25-Apr-1895 4-May-1975 610.100 5
icon Morundah Station Closed 16-Sep-1884 17-Nov-1975 613.830 4
icon Widgiewa Station Closed 16-Sep-1884 4-May-1975 631.540 4
icon Coonong Station Closed 16-Sep-1884 4-May-1975 643.300 3
icon Bundure Station Closed 16-Sep-1884 unknown 654.420 2
icon North Yathong Station Closed 16-Sep-1884 25-Sep-1971 667.420
icon Jerilderie Station Re-used 16-Sep-1884 unknown 688.400 12
icon Wunnamurra Unknown Closed 14-Oct-1896 12-Dec-1951 694.960 1
icon South Wunnamurra Unknown Closed 31-May-1923 12-Jun-1962 696.341 3
icon Mairjimmy Platform Closed 1897 4-May-1975 704.340 4
icon Green Swamp Road Platform Closed 14-Oct-1896 4-May-1975 711.910 1
icon Berrigan Station Closed 14-Oct-1896 unknown 723.840 15
icon Wait-A-While Unknown Closed 16-Sep-1898 13-Aug-1958 731.800 3
icon Leniston Station Closed 16-Sep-1898 4-May-1975 735.700 1
icon Curraghmohr Siding Closed 16-Sep-1898 8-Aug-1958 739.600 1
icon Finley Station Re-used 16-Sep-1898 unknown 743.440 7
icon Langunyah Station Closed 28-Jul-1914 10-May-1956 754.900 2
icon Tocumwal Station Closed 11-Feb-1929 unknown 763.860 10


Track: 180.38 km
Stations: 1 / 16 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Narrandera - Jerilderie 16-Sep-1884   10-Jan-1991  1 general
Jerilderie - Berrigan 14-Oct-1896   1-Dec-1987  2 general
Berrigan - Finley 16-Sep-1898   1-Dec-1987  2 general
Finley - Tocumwal 28-Jul-1914   1-Dec-1987  2 general
1 Last train ran 24-Nov-1988
2 Last train ran 21-Sep-1986