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Troy Junction - Merrygoen Line


Track: unknown
Stations: 0 / 8 in use

This is a part of the northern cross-country line, joining Troy Junction (near Dubbo), to the town of Merrygoen, on the Gwabegar branch. It is used for freight trains carrying wheat, and other traffic which wants to avoid the Main Western line over the Blue Mountains.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Troy Junction Junction In Use 8-Apr-1918 - 466.700 1
icon Boothenba Station Closed 7-Dec-1918 Jun-1959 471.100
icon Beni Station Closed 17-Dec-1918 23-Nov-1974 479.500
icon Barbigal Station Closed 7-Dec-1918 27-Mar-1971 490.059
icon Barbigal Loop Loop Closed 19-Nov-1925 10-Apr-1976 492.116
icon Ballimore Station Closed 9-Nov-1918 8-Mar-1975 496.210 3
icon Muronbung Station Closed 9-Nov-1918 23-Nov-1975 502.900 1
icon Elong Elong Station Closed 10-Aug-1918 23-Nov-1974 514.400 1
icon Kamilaroi Loop Closed 8-Jul-1940 20-May-1947 523.448
icon Boomley Station Closed 6-Jun-1918 23-Nov-1974 526.400
icon Caratel Loop Loop Closed 26-Jan-1926 10-Apr-1976 538.983
icon Mendooran Station Closed 10-Aug-1918 unknown 561.800 1
icon Jct (Merrygoen) Junction In Use 8-Apr-1918 -


Track: unknown
Stations: 0 / 8 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Troy Junction - Jct (Merrygoen) 8-Apr-1918     general