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Tumbarumba Branch


Track: 128.99 km
Stations: 1 / 16 in use

The Tumbarumba branch extends from the major inland city of Wagga Wagga in the state's central south to the small town of Tumbarumba in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. From Wagga, the line meanders through rolling hills to Tarcutta. Beyond here, the the line follows the Umbango Creek valley. The line briefly enters forested country before paralleling the main road before terminating in the hills above Tumbarumba.

Much of the line was abandoned after it was damaged by floods in 1974. The rest was closed in 1987.

A group based in Wagga Wagga, Tumba Rail, are working on restoring part of the line and running rail trikes over it.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Wagga Wagga Station In Use 1-Sep-1879 - 521.400 47
icon Forest Hill Station Closed 14-May-1917 4-May-1975 530.700 4
icon RAAF Wagga Wagga Siding Closed 20-Aug-1940 unknown 531.130 2
icon Ladysmith Station Closed 14-May-1917 4-May-1975 640.006 10
icon Tamboolba Station Closed 14-May-1917 4-May-1975 548.800 3
icon Coreinbob Station Closed 14-May-1917 4-May-1975 556.800 7
icon Borambola Station Closed 14-May-1917 4-May-1975 562.200 3
icon Edwards Crossing Halt Closed unknown unknown 571.000
icon Tarcutta Station Closed 15-Apr-1917 unknown 577.180 11
icon Umbango Creek Station Closed 14-May-1917 4-May-1975 590.900 4
icon Sheahan Platform Closed Apr-1951 after Nov-1970 599.156 3
icon Humula Station Closed 14-May-1917 4-May-1975 604.600 8
icon Nurla Platform Closed 31-Dec-1913 1964 609.807 3
icon Rosewood Station Closed 9-May-1921 4-May-1975 629.900 10
icon Wolseley Park Platform Closed 1927 31-Aug-1968 635.675 3
icon Glenroy Station Closed 9-May-1921 4-May-1975 642.100 7
icon Tumbarumba Station Closed 9-May-1921 unknown 650.390 19


Track: 128.99 km
Stations: 1 / 16 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Wagga Wagga - Ladysmith 14-May-1917   15-Mar-1987   general
Ladysmith - Humula 14-May-1917   8-Oct-1974  12 general
Humula - Tumbarumba 9-May-1921   8-Oct-1974  12 general
1 Last train ran 3-Aug-1974
2 Date line closed by washaways