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Walgett Branch


Track: > 171.03 km
Stations: 0 / 12 in use

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Narrabri South Junction Junction In Use unknown - 565.009
icon icon Narrabri West Junction Junction In Use unknown -
icon icon Narrabri North Junction Junction In Use unknown - 1
icon Narrabri West Station Closed 1-Oct-1882 unknown 565.770 23
icon Kiandool Unknown Closed 4-Nov-1926 20-Feb-1975 576.450
icon Culgoora Station Closed 9-Dec-1903 unknown 583.441 2
icon Wee Waa Station Closed 9-Dec-1903 unknown 598.959 8
icon Merah North Station Closed 9-Dec-1903 27-May-1976 613.803 8
icon Carbeen Platform Closed 9-Dec-1903 20-Feb-1975 621.023
icon Cubbaroo Station Closed 2-Dec-1903 20-Feb-1975 630.761
icon Burren Station Unknown 9-Dec-1903 647.966 8
icon Bugilbone Platform Closed 3-Jul-1905 20-Feb-1975 672.710 3
icon Cryon Station Closed 3-Jul-1905 15-May-1986 684.771 3
icon Inverness Unknown Closed May-1922 20-Feb-1975 696.263
icon Koothney Unknown Closed Jan-1941 20-Feb-1975 699.665
icon Beanbri Station Closed 7-Nov-1908 20-Feb-1975 706.600
icon Kiel Kiel Unknown Closed Feb-1952 20-Feb-1975 711.134
icon Waminda Unknown Closed Oct-1932 20-Jul-1976 714.367
icon Eurie Eurie Station Closed 7-Nov-1908 20-Feb-1975 722.187
icon Walgett Wheat Terminal Other In Use unknown - 731.980 4
icon Walgett Station Closed 7-Nov-1908 unknown 736.039 8


Track: > 171.03 km
Stations: 0 / 12 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Narrabri South Junction - Narrabri West 1-Oct-1882     general
Narrabri West - Burren 9-Dec-1903     general
Burren - Cryon 3-Jul-1905     general
Cryon - Walgett Wheat Terminal 7-Nov-1908     general
Walgett Wheat Terminal - Walgett 7-Nov-1908   12-Nov-1987  1 general

Narrabri triangle

Narrabri West Junction - Narrabri North Junction 1-Apr-1897     general
1 Date of closure due to flood damage