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Rozelle - Darling Harbour Goods Line


Track: unknown
Stations: 0 / 1 in use

This freight line once ran from Dulwich Hill on the Bankstown line to Rozelle and Darling Harbour Yards, finishing at Sydney Yard (Central). It featured major rail yards at Rozelle and Darling Harbour.

The section from Balmain Road to Sydney Yard was closed when Darling Harbour Yard was redeveloped into the Darling Harbour tourist area. In recent years, traffic to Rozelle Yard has declined to the stage where this line is really only sees occasional traffic.

The section from the Powerhouse Museum to Sydney Yard is used for occasional movements of museum locomotives.

Much of the line around the Darling Harbour area has been re-used for the Sydney Light Railway.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Wardell Road Junction Junction In Use 29-May-1916 - 7.870
icon Mungo Scott Sidings Siding In Use unknown - 1
icon icon Balmain Road Junction Junction Closed 23-Jan-1922 22-Jan-1996 13.370
icon icon Rozelle Yard Yard In Use unknown - 7
icon icon White Bay Power Station Other Closed unknown unknown 6
icon icon White Bay Yard Closed unknown unknown 5
icon icon Rozelle DE Dead End Unknown unknown
icon Glebe Road Tunnel Tunnel Re-used 23-Jan-1922 22-Jan-1996 3
icon John Street Tunnel Tunnel Re-used 23-Jan-1922 22-Jan-1996 2
icon Darling Island Yard Closed 23-Jan-1922 22-Jan-1996 17.740
icon Darling Harbour Yard Closed circa 1856 6-Jun-1993 19.040 21
icon Powerhouse Museum Other In Use unknown - 4
icon icon Regent Street Station Re-used unknown 2
icon icon Jct (Regent Street) Junction In Use unknown -
icon Central Goods Junction Junction In Use circa 1856 - 3


Track: unknown
Stations: 0 / 1 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Wardell Road Junction - Balmain Road Junction 29-May-1916     general
Balmain Road Junction - Darling Island 23-Jan-1922   22-Jan-1996   general
Darling Island - Darling Harbour 22-Jan-1900   6-Jun-1993   general
Darling Harbour - Powerhouse Museum circa 1856   6-Jun-1993   general
Powerhouse Museum - Central Goods Junction circa 1856     general
Balmain Road Junction - Rozelle DE 29-May-1916     general
Regent Street - Jct (Regent Street) unknown     general