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Westby Branch


Track: unknown
Stations: 0 / 5 in use

This line extended from the Main South at The Rock to the locality of Westby. Opened in 1926, it lasted only 31 years before being closed. In 1952 the line was truncated to Mangoplah, due to bushfire damage. Only 4 years later the entire line was formally closed by an Act of Parliament.

The line has been lifted, but the remains of the line can be traced through the rolling hills and fields, all the way to the terminus at Westby. Given that the line closed almost 50 years ago, the stations are still in very good condition.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Jct (Westby Branch) Junction Closed unknown unknown 1
icon Birdlip Station Closed 5-Aug-1925 10-Jul-1956 558.930 1
icon Mangoplah Station Closed 5-Aug-1925 10-Jul-1956 567.720 6
icon Burrandana Station Closed 5-Aug-1925 24-Jan-1952 579.810 3
icon Pulletop Platform Closed 5-Aug-1925 24-Jan-1952 585.100 3
icon Westby Station Closed 5-Aug-1925 24-Jan-1952 591.620 3


Track: unknown
Stations: 0 / 5 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Jct (Westby Branch) - Mangoplah 5-Aug-1925   10-Jul-1956  12 general
Mangoplah - Westby 5-Aug-1925   24-Jan-1952  32 general
1 Date of closure by Act of Parliament
2 Track has been lifted
3 Date line closed by bushfire damage